Democrats Abandoned Shopping Mall Press Conference Highlights Whelan?s Record of Letting Us Down

Senator Jim Whelan attended a press conference Monday at the abandoned Pathmark Shopping mall ? an empty storefront that stands as just another disappointing example of local Democrats and Whelan letting us down with their failed policies and lack of leadership.

As the Shore News reported, Whelan stood with fellow Democrat Assembly hopefuls in front of ?the mostly empty shopping center? ? the ?Pathmark? that bears the real scars of Whelan?s devastating impact on our community.

As the leader of Atlantic County?s legislative delegation, Whelan is responsible for the failed policies, the struggling economy, and the inability to create pro-growth policies that strengthen our community. While Whelan and his Democratic colleagues try to blame others for the now abandoned Pathmark shopping center, Republican senate candidate Frank Balles called on Whelan to do more than just cherry pick press conferences, but take full responsibility for the reality of his devastating economic policies.

Rather than hold press conferences in abandoned shopping centers ? a move that represents our area?s past ? Balles partnered with a local restaurant owner and announced his candidacy for state senate to a packed restaurant, overflowing with more than 200 people excited to hear Balles? positive and fresh plan to reinvigorate our community and get our region working again.

?We have been repeatedly let down by Senator Whelan?s failed policies and I am disappointed in his inability to lead,? said Republican New Jersey Senate Candidate Frank Balles. ?It?s time to bring Whelan?s tired and failed policies to an end and for us to embark in a new direction for our region that will lead to more jobs, a more vibrant economy, and more thriving ?Gary?s Restaurants;? not Whelan?s abandoned Pathmark shopping centers. I will be the Senator who will fight for small business owners, join Governor Christie and our Assemblymen in enacting their reform agenda, and move Atlantic City and our region in a positive direction.?


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