Whelan says on Don Williams Program ?
?I don?t think a state take-over will solve Atlantic City?s problems?

In response comments made by Senator Jim Whelan this morning on 1400 WOND, refusing to rock the boat and change the status quo in Atlantic City, Republican State Senate Candidate Frank Balles today called for a complete take-over of Atlantic City government.

?We don?t have the luxury of waiting for Atlantic City to get its act together. There?s too much at stake,? said Balles. ?Senator Whelan?s refusal to rock the boat with his Democrat friends in Atlantic City is indicative of his 30 year record of failure in public office. He?s playing it safe and protecting his friends in City Hall. It?s inexcusable and must come to an end.

?In response to a continued declining tax base in Atlantic City, Whelan said this morning on the Don William Program that he didn?t think a state take-over would solve Atlantic City?s problems,? said Balles. ?Unfortunately, it is clear to everyone that Senator Whelan is more concerned with getting reelected than doing the right thing. Everyone knows Whelan?s friends in Atlantic City government are spending too much. They have their free cars and their overpaid staff. Atlantic City has a big spending problem and Whelan refuses to attack it. It?s no wonder former Senator Gormley called Whelan a ?coward?.

?I stand with Governor Christie who has called for a more ?aggressive? role for the State of New Jersey in the governing of Atlantic City to deal with the ?dysfunction and waste in the city?. Whelan is opposed to it because he wants to protect his Democrat base,? said Balles. ?The Governor has said that even Democrat Senator Sweeney supports CRDA taking over city code enforcement functions. But not Whelan. He continues to want to protect his friends there.

?If we are to stabilize property values in Atlantic City, we need new investment and confidence in the governance of Atlantic City. That would happen if people knew Governor Christie was at the helm, not Whelan?s political pals.

?That?s why today, I?m calling for an orderly assumption of city government functions by the State with every option on the table for the Governor to utilize,? said Balles. ?Let?s get the potholes fixed, the blight cleaned up and make the streets safe. If Senator Whelan wont? do it, Governor Christie and I will. It?s time for leadership, not cowardice. We can?t afford to wait.?


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