Today the Zimmer for Senate campaign launched a new web ad which highlights how Senator Frank Lautenberg?s inability to effectively lead in Washington has resulted in New Jersey coming in dead last among all 50 states on the rate of return it receives from its federal tax dollars.

“This ad points out Senator Lautenberg?s failure to be an effective leader in Washington,? said Kristen Hainen, Communications Director for the Zimmer for Senate campaign. ?Once again, New Jersey is dead last among all 50 states on the rate of return it gets for its federal tax dollars. New Jersey families can no longer afford to live here, in large part because our tax dollars are going to fund wasteful pet projects in other states. For 24 years, Frank Lautenberg has had the opportunity to fix New Jersey?s problems and he has failed. Dick Zimmer has real solutions. New Jersey taxpayers deserve a senator who will make fixing New Jersey?s problems his top priority.?

To view the Zimmer for U.S. Senate Campaign ad entitled ?Ramble On,? click here.


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