In a week when homeowners throughout the state are receiving their property tax bills, U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer was joined by local officials in Gloucester Township as he held Governor Jon Corzine and Senator Frank Lautenberg responsible for rising property taxes due to their poor leadership

Zimmer also criticized Senator Lautenberg for sitting idly by as Trenton politicians made a mess of New Jersey?s finances, resulting in higher property taxes for families around the state, and for his failure to do anything in Washington to alleviate the tax burden that plagues New Jersey families. Zimmer issued the following statement:

?Our government at all levels should work together to advance the interests of New Jersey taxpayers. Unfortunately, the policies of Governor Jon Corzine and Senator Frank Lautenberg have done just the opposite.

?Governor Corzine and the state legislature have made New Jersey Number 1 among all 50 states in the state and local taxes it imposes on its citizens. And Senator Lautenberg has let New Jersey become number 50 among all 50 states in the rate of return on our federal tax dollars.

?Governor Corzine and his Trenton allies have forced unfunded mandates on municipalities, leaving New Jersey property taxpayers to foot the bill for their inability to efficiently run the state.

?Senator Lautenberg not only has failed to speak out against Governor Corzine?s fiscal mismanagement; he has made New Jerseyans even worse off by letting all the other states take money out of our pockets to fund ?bridges to nowhere? and other pet spending programs. The difference between what New Jerseyans pay in federal taxes and what we get back from Washington is more than what all of us pay in property taxes in the state with the highest property taxes in the country.

?The team of Corzine and Lautenberg has maximized the tax burden on New Jersey citizens. It?s time for a change. I want to cut taxes and wasteful spending so we can keep our dollars in our own pockets. We need a new Senator for New Jersey who will be an effective advocate for our state and its long-suffering taxpayers.?

The state has notified Gloucester Township that the CMPTRA aid (Consolidated Municipal Property Tax Relief Act) it receives will be cut by $581,165, and its extraordinary aid will be reduced from $500,000 to zero.

?This combined million-dollar reduction is devastating,? said Gloucester Township Mayor Cindy Rau-Hatton. ?With escalating costs in fuel, insurance, unfunded State mandates, and reduction in grant funding, it is becoming more difficult to provide adequate services and make ends meet. Municipalities are at the bottom of the food chain- we can only pass costs onto the taxpay ers. The Governor is balancing his State budget on the backs of municipalities. His policies adversely affect the quality of life for the residents of Gloucester Township and communities throughout New Jersey.?


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