Will Pauls Vows to Oppose Planned Parenthood Funding Once Elected

Republican Freeholder Candidate Will Pauls today issued a statement vowing to oppose Planned Parenthood funding from Atlantic County taxpayers.

?It is unconscionable to me that my opponent, Joe McDevitt, would vote to send thousands of our county tax dollars to a reprehensible organization like Planned Parenthood,? said Pauls. ?Just last Friday, President Barack Obama became the first sitting president to attend a Planned Parenthood rally, praising the group?s efforts and saying: ?Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere. It?s not going anywhere today. It?s not going anywhere tomorrow.?

?I disagree with the President. I disagree with Freeholder McDevitt. They are both wrong when it comes to their support of Planned Parenthood,? said Pauls. ?Once elected to the Freeholder Board I will be the conservative conscience that will stand up to phony politicians like Joe McDevitt who claim to be conservative, while using our tax dollars for immoral purposes. It has to stop.?


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