Why Didn’t Spellman Pay Her Property taxes?

John Amodeo, Republican candidate for Assembly from Atlantic County, today challenged his opponent, Democrat Blondell Spellman, to explain her failure to pay her local property taxes on three different occasions leading to tax liens being filed against her.

?Her record of failing to pay property taxes and forcing the filing of tax liens is troubling, to say the least,? Amodeo said. ?Municipalities offer ample time and opportunity to pay overdue taxes and even extend payment plans to help the homeowner. Most people would take advantage of that and honor their obligations. She didn?t; why not??

Official records show that liens were filed against Spellman on two occasions, 1996 and 1997, on property in Estelle Manor, and again in 2004 on property in Weymouth Township.

?Her failure to pay on three different occasions cannot be attributed to oversight on her part,? Amodeo said. ?Once may be an oversight; three times is knowingly.?

?While the ordinary homeowners are diligently meeting their tax obligations, Spellman chose to ignore hers,? the Republican said. ?Her actions send absolutely the wrong message from someone who wants taxpayer support for a public office.?

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