Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called on Senator Jim Whelan and Governor Jon Corzine to honor their word to Atlantic City and deliver on promises of municipal aid in exchange for Council approving a wreckless $6 million deferral of pension benefits.

?While Senator Whelan travels to Galloway today to talk about stagnant employment in Atlantic County, a looming crisis confronts Atlantic City,? said Davis. ?While I am not one to defend the comments of Democrats, the all-Democratic Atlantic City Council recently admitted that they were ?snookered? into deferring $6 million in mandated pension obligations that must be paid back at 8.5% interest, saying that they had to participate in the scheme if they had any chance of receiving municipal aid. But Governor Corzine and Senator Whelan didn?t keep their word and the municipal aid never came through, leaving Atlantic City in a perilous financial position.

?This financial crisis in Atlantic City, caused by Jon Corzine?s Wall Street shell game policies, will hurt the taxpayers in Atlantic City. And it will hurt the entire region, because if critical City services like police, fire and public works cannot be funded by Council next year, Atlantic City?s appearance and safety will suffer as a tourist destination. We cannot afford to let that happen as we all know that the key to job creation in our region is having a thriving gaming destination in Atlantic City.

?If Jim Whelan is serious about his concern for job growth in our region, then he should focus his efforts on stabilizing Atlantic City?s financial well being instead of attending press conferences in Galloway on spending more federal stimulus money.?


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