Where was Whelan? (Redux)

TRENTON ? In an almost exact replay of events four years ago, Jim Whelan was nowhere to be found when his constituents needed him most, noted Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina as they attended the quorum call today to fix New Jersey?s broken property tax system.

?We want to start enjoying the holiday weekend with our families like everyone else, but we swore an oath to the people of State and Atlantic County to work on their behalf,? Amodeo said. ?We drove to Trenton again to fix our property tax system. We were shocked that Jim Whelan didn?t even bother to show up.?

?This is the most important issue affecting our constituents, and the Senator elected to represent them can?t show up for work?? Polistina said. ?What could have been more important to him that he could not be here for his constituents??

Whelan pulled a similar disappearing act four years ago when a budget impasse closed Atlantic City casinos over the July Fourth holiday. Republican legislators at the time remained in Trenton in an attempt to broker a deal to save the casinos.

Despite the current Democrat leadership?s efforts to slow the property tax reform process down, Amodeo and Polistina said that is no excuse to skip a special session as called for by the Governor.

?Would Jim Whelan the teacher allow his students to skip class because there is no test scheduled for that day? I don?t think so,? Amodeo said, referring to Whelan?s other job. ?All 120 legislators should be here ready to vote on property tax reform.?

?Like the Governor said, we should not take a vacation while the taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet because of property taxes,? Polistina said. ?We?re here for our constituents. Where was Whelan??


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