Keith Davis, the Atlantic County Republican Chairman, today called on Democrat Congressional Candidate Dave Kurkowski to decide which congressional district he plans on running in after it was recently discovered that his campaign?s website — — asks potential campaign interns to send their resumes to a PO Box in Tucson, Arizona.

This most recent revelation comes just weeks after Kurkowski?s campaign had posted far more photos of his travels through Asia than it had of his travels through Atlantic County.

While Kurkowski has found the time to show off his world tour photo albums, his positions on the most pressing issues facing the hardworking people of this district are still said to be ?coming soon.?

?It begs the question, is Kurkowski seriously running for Congress this year, or merely keeping the seat warm until someone else can decide what to do?? asked Davis.

?Congressman LoBiondo was born and raised in South Jersey, and has been honorably serving the people of the 2nd District for twice as long as Kurkowski has even lived in this state,? said Davis.

?He doesn?t spend his weekends or even holidays on lavish trips to Russia or Nepal. Frank LoBiondo spends that time right here in South Jersey getting to know his constituents? concerns.?

Although Davis went on to add, ?While Absecon and Avalon might make more sense, I can?t wait to see where in the world Kurkowski will be campaigning from next week!?


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