Whelan’s Convention is a Sham

Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called Senator Jim Whelan?s Democrat convention scheduled for this evening a sham, labeling it a meaningless exercise in showmanship.

?It?s over before it began,? said Davis. ?Jim Whelan has the audacity to pick his ticket before the convention even started. Why bother holding a charade of a convention to make it appear that there is actually democracy in the Democrat Party??

Davis said the Democrats? gathering was more of a ?rubber stamp party? designed to extort money out of their party faithful, not a true effort to nominate candidates.

?They are charging $35 per person to show up and do what Jim Whelan tells them to do,? said Davis. ?I?d call it a poll tax if the vote actually meant something. But it doesn?t.?

Davis said that the Democrats? nomination process stands in contrast to the free and open convention Republicans held on Monday night.

?While the Democrats do what they?re told to do by Jim Whelan, we actually had an election and the peoples? voice counted,? Davis said. ?In Atlantic County, there?s more democracy in the Republican Party than in the Democrat Party.?

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