Whelan Whiffs on Ethics Reform

The following was released today by Atlantic County Republican chairman Keith A. Davis.

?Require legislators to cooperate with court-issued subpoenas?.Prohibit dual office holding?.Prohibit taking jobs just to boost a public pension?Suspend without pay any public official under criminal indictment?.Mandatory prison terms for public officials convicted of corruption?.Require forfeiture of all retirement benefits for public officials convicted of a crime?.Ease the method for the public to file ethics complaints against legislators?.Remove all legislators from the ethics committee and replace them with public members?.

?Sound like excellent ideas which should be enacted, don?t they?

?Assemblyman Jim Whelan doesn?t think so.

?When given the opportunity to vote to bring these proposals to the floor of the Legislature for full consideration, Whelan voted against the move, thereby killing the chances they?d be approved.

?He?s never explained why he sided with the Democrats in control of the Legislature to kill this package of ethics reform proposals. Instead, he?s trying desperately to convince the residents of Atlantic County that he?s tough on public corruption.

?But, in addition to not putting his vote where his mouth is, Whelan refused to call for the resignations of indicted State Sens. Wayne Bryant of Camden County and Sharpe James of Essex County and he jumped on board late in calling for two indicted Assembly members to step down.

?Whelan has failed to show any leadership at all on ethics in government issues, choosing instead to issue tough talking news releases claiming to support the very ideas he voted to kill.

?We can all tell it?s the Fall: The leaves are turning color, the Phillies are in the midst of the pennant race, and Whelan has discovered ethics.?

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