Whelan Stricken With Trentonpoliticianitis, aka Hypocrites Disease
Sufferers prone to telling laughably, outrageous lies with a straight face and saying anything to get elected

After sending out one of the most disingenuous and hypocritical press releases in recent memory, many now suspect Assemblyman Jim Whelan has been stricken with a severe case of ?Trentonpoliticianitis,? and it may have infected his running mates, too.

If this diagnosis is confirmed, voters should be very wary of anything Whelan says between now and the first Tuesday in November?when the condition usually clears up overnight.

Consider the evidence from Whelan?s press release:

? In Paragraph #1, Whelan and his running mates ??vow to fight against any plan to lease or sell the Atlantic City Expressway, Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike??
On Thursday, Whelan voted AGAINST an amendment that would have removed a budget provision allowing unlimited funding for ?legal and engineering fees, financial advisers and other consultants and services associated with, as well as any other costs determined necessary in preparation for, the monetization, sale or lease of public assets.? (Section 75, FY2008)

In Paragraph #6, Whelan and his running mates claim ??Democrats like us who will once again take the lead in the efforts to protect our roadways from becoming privatized.?
The fact of the matter is that selling state assets is an idea supported by New Jersey Democrats, and opposed by New Jersey Republicans and the public. This has been widely reported.

In Paragraph #7, Whelan and his running mates say ?Trenton should cut government spending, and do more with less??
They make this statement AFTER Whelan voted to support a budget that increased spending by $2.7 billion and shortchanged suburban school districts throughout Atlantic County.

Whelan had a previous bout of ?Trentonpoliticianitis? a week ago when he claimed to have amended his bill to protect the casinos from another state shutdown (despite three legal opinions to the contrary). Records from the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services show that Whelan never amended the bill, which in reality will never protect casino workers.

?Jim Whelan two years ago said he would be Trenton outsider. But in word and deed, he is just another Trenton politician, saying and doing anything to get elected regardless of the truth,? said McCullough.


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