Whelan Still Silent on Callaway Ally on Board of Elections

Atlantic County Republican chairman Keith A. Davis today renewed his call for the resignation of Bernice Couch from the County Board of Elections ?due to her close affiliation with a group of individuals who have abused and manipulated the absentee ballot process in the county.?

?Her association with the group headed by convicted felon Craig Callaway is well known,? Davis said, ?and, because of it, she should remove herself from any involvement with the electoral process. She should have absolutely nothing to do with affirming applications for absentee ballots or handling them in any way.?

Davis earlier had called on Assemblyman Jim Whelan to join in his request for Ms. Couch to step down, but the Assemblyman failed to respond.

?Whelan has tried desperately to separate himself from the Callaway group and anyone associated with it and now he has an opportunity to do so,? Davis said. ?He?s aware of her relationship with the Callaways and he?s aware of the allegations of fraud and abuse which have surrounded the group?s absentee ballot gathering activities.?

?Allowing Ms. Couch to play a role in affirming or tabulating absentee ballots in this election opens the entire process to question,? he said. ?The integrity of the system is at stake and her removal from the Board is a step toward assuring it.?

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