Whelan Quick to Sell Out Atlantic City

Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis issued the following statement in response to Assemblyman Jim Whelan saying he was exploring the option of taking over Atlantic City?s long term planning and development.
?The State of New Jersey telling Atlantic City how to govern is like taking sailing lessons from the captain of the Titanic. Things are bad enough in Atlantic City without the State stepping in. No thank you, Assemblyman.
?New Jersey has yet to prove it can govern itself. The state has already racked up $36 billion in bonded indebtedness – up over 50% in five years – and is staring at another $3 billion budget shortfall by next June. The state has not been able to pay its bills despite increasing taxes over $6 billion.
?And the Governor?s long term plan to solve the state?s fiscal mess? Well, we know it has something to do with selling Parkway and the Expressway. One day the Governor will actually give us the details.
?When Whelan talks about corruption, has he forgotten the number of Trenton officials who have been indicted like Wayne Bryant and Sharpe James? This is the gang Jim Whelan wants to guide the future of Atlantic City? Again, no thank you.
?Whelan would serve Atlantic City better by making Trenton clean up its own fiscal mess, declaring his unambiguous opposition to the Governor?s monetization plan, and voting for real ethics reform for Trenton politicians.
?And he could kill any legislation allowing video lottery terminals (VLTs) in other parts of the state. VLTs would have a devastating and long-term negative impact on gaming development in Atlantic City.
?In sum, New Jersey should do no harm and keep its nose out of Atlantic City?s business so things don?t get any worse.?

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