When Assemblyman Jim Whelan was mayor of Atlantic City, his Administration awarded more than $400,000 in no-bid contracts to the Camden law firm of State Sen. Wayne Bryant, ?a plausible explanation for why Whelan has failed to call for the indicted Sen. Bryant to resign from the Senate,? the Atlantic County Republican legislative team said today.

According to Sen. James ?Sonny? McCullough and his Assembly running mates, Vince Polistina and John Amodeo, official records show:

A $150,000 no bid contract, followed by another $35,300 contract, to Bryant?s law firm in 1999.

A $140,000 no bid contract to Bryant?s firm in 1993.

A $150,000 no bid contract to Bryant?s firm in 1997.

?Jim Whelan found the time to publicly demand the resignation of two members of the Pleasantville Board of Education who were arrested for public corruption last week, but has remained steadfastly silent on Sen. Bryant who was indicted on corruption charges last March,? McCullough said. ?Why the double standard? Why does Whelan think that Sen. Bryant should be allowed to continue to collect a state salary and vote on major legislation, including, ironically enough, anti-corruption bills??

?As mayor, Whelan approved awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars in no bid contracts to Bryant, a part of the Camden County Democrat establishment,? they said. ?A few years later, that same establishment poured millions of dollars in contributions into Whelan?s Assembly campaign. The contracts for contributions connection is not difficult to see.?

?From his association with the corrupt Atlantic County Callaway organization to his financial ties to the indicted Sen. Bryant and the Camden County political machine, Whelan has shown he is willing to deal with individuals who have sold their offices and betrayed the public trust in return for their support,? Amodeo said.


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