Whelan Forgets He Took Blame for Casino Shutdown

Atlantic County Republican chairman Keith A. Davis charged today that a recent campaign flyer sent by Assemblyman Jim Whelan to employees of the casino industry ?is an astounding exercise in deceit and deception? for its claim that he has done more for the industry than anyone else.

?Little more than a year ago, Whelan was singing a far different tune when he sent a letter to Atlantic County residents apologizing for his failure to take a leadership role and prevent a shutdown of the entire casino industry,? Davis said. ?His letter said he was embarrassed over throwing 45,000 hardworking men and women out of their jobs because the Legislature failed to enact a budget by the July 1 deadline. How his actions qualify as doing more for the casino industry is a mystery to everyone but him?

?Whelan chose his Camden County benefactors and campaign contributors over the casino workers,? Davis said. ?He sided with the power brokers in their political struggle with the Governor over the budget, creating the impasse and the shutdown. The industry lost $55 million and the employees lost $9 million in salaries and gratuities — money they will never recover —all because Whelan placed partisan politics above the well being of the working people in his district.?

Davis said Whelan?s letter promised he would work toward approval of legislation to designate casino employees as essential workers so, in the event of another shutdown, their jobs would be safe.
?He accomplished nothing,? Davis said. ?When he learned his legislation was unconstitutional, he did nothing to change it and failed to move toward any protective legislation at all.?

?Whelan?s campaign flyer is typical of his ongoing effort to re-write history and attempt to distance himself from his own record,? Davis said. ?In some circles his actions are known as stretching the truth. In less polite circles, they are known as lying.?


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