Whelan Exposed by Blistering State Audit on AC

Egg Harbor Township, August 18, 2011 ? A blistering state audit slammed Jim Whelan?s mismanagement of Atlantic City as Mayor and concluded that his administration fostered a ?culture of indifference? that resulted in millions of tax dollars wasted, bloated government and a proliferation of no-show jobs, charged Assemblyman Vince Polistina today.

Polistina said Whelan?s gross mismanagement of Atlantic City mirrors the reckless economic and fiscal policies he?s supported as an Assemblyman and Senator ? policies that nearly bankrupt the state and created one of the worst climates for job creation in the country, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation in Washington, DC.

?The state audit clearly shows that not only is Jim Whelan a classic big government liberal with little regard for taxpayers, but he?s also an incompetent manager who bears significant blame for the decline of Atlantic City over the last three decades,? said Polistina. ?With so much at stake in Atlantic City, that last thing we need is Jim Whelan as our Senator. He helped create the mess in Atlantic City as its Mayor, why would we ever trust him to have a leadership role in trying to clean it up as Senator??

The audit found Whelan?s administration fostered a ?culture of indifference? that resulted in the city wasting $11 million per year, due to, among other problems:

. A massive vehicle fleet of nearly 600 vehicles.

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