Whelan Caught Red-Handed by Star-Ledger Truth-O-Meter

Harbor Township, July 19, 2011 ? Senator Jim Whelan should apologize to his constituents after being caught by the Star-Ledger?s new PolitiFact ?Truth-O-Meter? for wrongfully claiming school aid had been cut in this year?s state budget, charged Polistina for Senate campaign consultant Chris Russell.

Whelan?s press release was flagged by the Star-Ledger after inaccurately claiming that ?Governor Christie slashed school aid in this budget,? despite the fact that this year?s state budget actually increased school aid by $863 million from last year.”There?s more school aid than last year,” admitted Whelan.Source: href=”http://www politifact.com/new-jersey/statements/2011/jul/11/jim-whelan/state-sen-jim-whelan-says-gov-chris-christie-slash/

?Desperate to conjure up phony state aid figures to fit his divisive, class warfare rhetoric, Jim Whelan was caught red-handed by the Star-Ledger?s ?Truth-O-Meter? and forced to publicly admit that there was more aid to schools in this year?s budget than last year?s budget,? said Russell. ?Senator Whelan should apologize for his deceptive statements.?

Russell also released an email recently sent by Whelan?s campaign and highlighted a portion that seeks to intentionally mislead residents on the potential impact of increased school aid that Whelan knew never existed.

Due to Governor Christie’s line-item veto, Egg Harbor Twp School District will now only receive $37,531,686. This means that school districts around the state will have to go back to the taxpayers to make up the difference which could lead to increases in local property taxes.

?Senator Whelan knew the bogus budget Democrats put forward was a sham that depended on money that doesn?t exist, yet he sent out this misleading email anyway and intentionally tried to fool people,? said Russell, who also wondered how Whelan?s campaign came into possession of an official school district email list and why he?s using those emails in political communications. The name of the recipient was redacted for privacy reasons. ?These email accounts are provided with taxpayer dollars and are for official use only, not as a political communication tool for entrenched incumbents like Jim Whelan who believe the rules don?t apply to them.?

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