This week Democrat Jim Whelan tried to distance himself from Craig Callaway in the aftermath of his being sentenced to serve 40 months in prison, only to trip over the facts, said Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis.

?I hope Mr. Whelan is not teaching history to school children, because under his methods of teaching the British would have won the Revolutionary War,? said Davis.

On a morning radio show on Wednesday, Whelan claimed the Atlantic County Democrat Party has nothing to do with Craig Callaway.

?A simple checking of the official record blows a hole in Whelan?s argument,? said Davis. ?The Atlantic County Democrats and Whelan benefited greatly from the voter fraud activities of Craig Callaway and his crew.?

Davis pointed to the revelation that Democrat Mayor Bob Levy wrote a letter pleading for leniency on Callaway?s behalf at his sentencing earlier this week.

?Craig Callaway was a vital cog in the Whelan’s election in 2005 and in the Atlantic County Democrat machine,? said Davis. ?Of course, the Democrats want him back on the street as soon as possible.?
Davis went on to cite ELEC records in which members of the Callaway camp received at least $34,877 in payments in 2005, the year Whelan ran for the Assembly. Also in 2005, the Atlantic County Democrat Committee reported contributing at least $42,472 to the Atlantic City Democrats, then headed by Callaway.

?Jim Whelan owes his office to Craig Callaway and Callaway?s street tactics,? said Davis. ?Whelan will not fight for messenger ballot reform because the current rules play to his favor.?


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