What Have You Done for Us At All?


When choosing a site to announce his candidacy for State Senate, Jim Whelan chose the place where Craig Callaway submitted tainted absentee ballots.

?Symbols have great meaning in politics,? said Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman. ?I understand why Whelan did not make his announcement on the Atlantic City Boardwalk ? he shut down the casinos and wants to keep his distance from his record as mayor.

?Whelan is trying to sell the public on the idea that he deserves a promotion, but there is nothing in his job performance record that merits such a promotion,? said Davis. ?Usually in politics, the question is ?What have you done for us lately.? With Whelan, the question is ?What have you done for us at all???

Beyond the closing of the casinos last year, Davis cited that Whelan?s voting record and public stances are out of step Atlantic County:

? Whelan has flip flopped four times on banning smoking on the casino floor.

? Whelan has supported a measure that would dramatically increase low income housing in already congested communities.

? Whelan has watered down efforts to end fraud in our messenger ballot laws.

? Whelan voted to increase the sales tax by 16.5%.

? Whelan voted for wasteful pork barrel projects, which are now under federal investigation by the US Attorney.

?Why should Atlantic County residents send Jim Whelan back to Trenton when he is part of the problem?? said Davis. ?Sonny McCullough offers the fresh perspective and necessary common sense the state needs. Jim Whelan offers more of the same ? raising taxes and not delivering on property tax relief. Sonny McCullough understands what it?s like for families to struggle make ends meet. Jim Whelan votes for a budget that increases sales taxes and fails to reform property taxes. Sonny McCullough knows the best way to fight for the residents of Atlantic County is to fight the special interests. Jim Whelan listens to George Norcross and shuts down the casinos.

?Today, Jim Whelan really announced the beginning of his retirement,? said Davis.


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