As the County Clerk finalizes vote by mail ballots and the sample ballot for this year?s election, Republican candidate Michele Verno today called upon McGettigan to exercise more care and attention to his election responsibilitiesthan in the past.

?My opponent has forgotten or left off candidates for elected office in no less than three municipalities over the past five years,? said Verno. ?McGettigan?s repetitive errors have cost taxpayers thousands in printing costs andin mailing new ballots that he mistakenly prepared.?

Verno noted that a carefully executed procedure in the Clerk?s Office to work with local municipal clerks in finalizing the printing of ballots is essential to ensure we have honest elections in Atlantic County once again.

?It?s no wonder McGettigan has made one mistake after another in the printing of ballotsgiven his track record on election issues,? said Verno. ?He has no written procedures for handling messenger ballots either which is why hundreds of those kinds of ballots continue to be delivered from Atlantic City in one election after another.?

Verno indicated that the numerous mistakes in McGettigan?s office over the past five years underscore the need to have new, competent management in the County Clerk?s Office to ensure that we have elections with honesty and integrity once again.

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