Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman, issued the following statement on the growing speculation that Jeff Van Drew will run for Congress next year:

?On November 6th, Jeff Van Drew was elected to represent his constituents in Trenton as their State Senator. During that race, he made many promises to the residents of South Jersey. Van Drew said he wanted more property tax relief to come to the district, he wanted to prevent Governor Corzine from selling our toll roads, and he wanted more affordable healthcare for all of New Jersey. Now, barely a month later, before he has even started to work on the promises that he just made in his State Senate bid, he’s seriously considering running again for another higher office.

?While Van Drew says he’s made no decisions, and apparently won’t until after the holidays, it appears that he is not just thinking about running against Frank LoBiondo in next year’s Congressional elections – he’s actively preparing for it so the timing is just right.

?Recently, Van Drew met with the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Chris Van Hollen, asking him to conduct a poll on his chances against LoBiondo. In addition to his visits to Washington during this past year and the nearly $4 million from political bosses he accepted during his State Senate race, Van Drew is surely not just entertaining the fantasy of running for Congress. Every indication is that he’s all but ready to announce.

?South Jersey has had enough of professional politicians looking at the next election instead of focusing on real solutions to real problems now. Instead of tackling property tax reform or making health care more affordable, Van Drew is spending his time meeting with political operatives to plot his next career move. The problems faced by South Jersey residents should not take a back seat to Van Drew?s personal ambitions and he should instead be focusing on those issues he promised the voters he would address.?


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