You probably read this morning?s newspaper article about the Atlantic County Democrat Freeholder candidates raking in more campaign cash. What a surprise!

We are used to the Camden County Democratic Machine?s money here in Atlantic County and there is one thing Republicans have learned all too well: the Atlantic County Democrats will always out-spend us, but they will never out-work us for the taxpayers of Atlantic County.

The fact that the Democrats can only talk about how much money they raised shows that their campaign is bankrupt of any real ideas for the people of Atlantic County. It says nothing of the property taxpayers and businesses who are suffocating under Governor Jon Corzine?s disastrous tax and economic policies that have caused unemployment in our county to jump to above 11%. So instead of focusing on the issues Atlantic County cares about, the Democrats instead trumpet the fact that they have a lot of money to spend on their campaign — just like Corzine will do.

What a joke!

Freeholders Frank Giordano and Jim Curcio and Freeholder Candidate Frank Formica are campaigning hard throughout Atlantic County. They are paying attention to the needs of voters, not fat cat campaign contributors. Our Republican Freeholder Board has a proactive record of accomplishment for Atlantic County — from the windmill farm and solar panels at the ACUA to the additional investment we see at the Atlantic County Institute of Technology and the new FAA Research and Aviation Park, both of which will create more jobs here.

I need you to help the Giordano-Curcio-Formica team combat the undisclosed contributions being amassed by their Corzine-Democrat opponents.

Last year more than 75% of the contributions made to the Atlantic County Republican Committee were for $50 or less, and a staggering 80% came from residents who live right here in Atlantic County!

This tradition of a grassroots network of smaller contributors stands in stark contrast with that of the Atlantic County Democrats, which continue to fund their campaigns with massive contributions from political bosses and special interest groups from as far away as Michigan.

Your immediate contribution of $10 or more will help us continue to mobilize resources for the fall campaign and once again keep Atlantic County out of the hands of the Camden County political bosses.

I want you to know that no amount is too small and it will be immediately put to good use helping to elect Republicans throughout Atlantic County.

Simply click here to contribute.

One more thing – I can assure you, it will only take a minute – please tell 10 of your friends that you donated $10 to the Atlantic County Republican Committee
today, and encourage them to join you in doing the same.

I look forward to working with you over the next few months to hold Jon Corzine accountable, restore in integrity and leadership in Trenton, and elect proven leaders here in Atlantic County that will continue to stand up for our residents.

Keith Davis

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