Time And Again New Jersey’s Senior Senator Has Voted To Deny Funds For Our Soldiers Fighting In Iraq —

Lawrenceville, NJ – U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer today pointed out the discrepancies between Senator Frank Lautenberg’s support for the Stop Loss Compensation Act and his record of voting against funding U.S. combat troops during a time of war.

“I applaud those advocates who seek to compensate our servicemen and women whose tours of duty are involuntarily extended,” Zimmer said. “But equally important is providing those servicemen and women in the line of fire with the proper equipment and resources necessary to protect themselves and achieve their mission. Time and again, Senator Lautenberg has voted to deny critical funds to our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

According to the Congressional Record, Senator Frank Lautenberg has voted six times against funding for our troops in Iraq (Senate Roll Call Vote 439, 12/18/07; Senate Roll Call Vote 400, 10/17/03; Senate Roll Call Vote 344, 9/20/07; Senate Roll Call Vote 342, 9/19/07; Senate Roll Call Vote 58, 3/12/04; Senate Roll Call Vote 108, 3/26/03).

Zimmer was most critical of Lautenberg’s 2003 vote against passage of a bill that would have provided $66 billion in funding for troop protection and equipment. This bill included money for equipment, fuel, ammunition, improved humvees and body armor. It also provided funds for military pay, including imminent danger pay and family separation allowances, as well as $1.3 billion for veterans medical care (Senate Vote 400, 10/17/03).

Lautenberg was one of just 12 U.S. Senators to oppose the emergency funding measure. Connecticut Democratic Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman, New York Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer and then-New Jersey Democratic Senator Jon Corzine all voted for the troop-funding measure.

“During a time of war, when our troops are in harm’s way, it is imperative that our elected officials provide vital resources for our men and women in the military. Senator Lautenberg instead voted to cut off funding, putting the safety and security of U.S. troops at risk,” Zimmer said.

?The support Senator Lautenberg has demonstrated today completely contradicts his previous actions of refusing to support for our servicemen and women,” said Kristen Hainen, Communications Director for the Zimmer for Senate campaign. “Up until now, Senator Lautenberg has consistently voted against legislation that would provide the proper funding to enable them to protect themselves and achieve their mission. Now, in the middle of an election year, Senator Lautenberg has decided to change his tune.”


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