The Case Against Jim Whelan

A new website,, exposing and highlighting the tax-raising, free-spending practices of Jim Whelan while mayor of Atlantic City and his failures as an Assemblyman for the past two years, was unveiled today by the Atlantic County Republicans.

?Everything from his role in shutting down the casino industry last year to his abysmal record as Mayor is there for everyone to see,? said County GOP chairman Keith A. Davis. ?Taxes went up, spending soared, and the city?s finances tanked while Whelan sat in the mayor?s office. He borrowed heavily, ran up the City?s bonded debt, sold off city property to pay bills, and used taxpayers? money to buy cars for his use and filled them at city gas pumps.?

Davis said Whelan?s association with the organization headed by convicted felon Craig Callaway and his history of taking millions in campaign contributions from the corrupt Camden County Democrat establishment are also covered by the website.

?He?s desperately tried to separate himself from the corrupt Callaway machine, but the fact remains thousands of dollars were paid to that machine to help Whelan in his 2005 campaign,? Davis said. ?He raked in more than $2 million from Camden County pols in 2005 and he?s on the way to repeating it again this year.?

?The truth about Whelan?s record can be found on the new website,? Davis said. ?It?s the story of a career politician who ran his City into near bankruptcy and sold himself to the Camden County machine. In the crunch, he?ll side with them and once again turn his back on Atlantic County.?

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