The Hammonton Regular Republican Club is pleased to announce the candidacies
of Anthony Marino for Mayor of Hammonton and Maria Brita, Anni Carpo, and
Linda Goff for Hammonton Town Council. These four outstanding individuals will
represent the entire town of Hammonton with the Republican standards that so
many of us share.

Anthony Marino, a lifelong Hammonton resident and graduate of Hammonton High
School, is an engineer for the New Jersey Dept of Transportation. Anthony served as
Republican Town Councilperson for the years of 2007 and 2008. Anthony served on the
Hammonton Zoning Board and the Hammonton Shade Tree Commission. As a
Republican Councilperson, Anthony served as the Chairman of the Transportation
Committee, Co-chair of Public Works and Recreation, Chairman of the Green
Committee, and Co-chair of the Education Committee.

Anthony?s hard work on Council brought new equipment to our Highway Department,
streamlined Trash removal, helped make Hammonton Lake swimmable again, and
protected Hammonton taxpayers? wallets. A Republican in the classic Reagan image,
Anthony has always fought for Hammonton?s residents, and will continue to do so as

?Hammonton is the greatest place to live in the State of New Jersey. As Mayor of
Hammonton, I will continue the stewardship that has kept Hammonton such a
wonderful place. Most importantly, I will make smart growth and increased
standard of living my foremost goals of my administration,? said Anthony Marino.
?Together with my Republican team, we will set forth policy that will protect our
Town and build for future generations of Hammontonians.?

Maria Brita is a lifelong resident of Hammonton and graduate of St. Joseph?s School in
Hammonton. Maria is the wife of Edward A. Brita II and mother of Edward A. Brita III.

Maria has served the town for over 30 years as an RN at Kessler Hospital. Starting her
career at Kessler, Maria stayed until Kessler?s final day, serving loyally alongside many
others to care for Hammonton?s residents. Maria has held the position of Charge Nurse
on a Med-Surgery Floor, Nursing Supervisor, Charge Nurse in the Emergency Room and
most of all Staff Nurse.

As for the months ahead and the campaign for Council, Maria said ?I look forward to
running for Town Council on the Republican ticket to continue serving my
community. I want to bring the same dedication and passion for the residents of
Hammonton that I always brought to Kessler Memorial Hospital. I?ll always speak
the truth on any issue that affects us, as I do in my professional career.?

Anni Carpo,a resident of Hammonton for over 20 years, is the wife of Ricky Carpo and
the mother of Rick Carpo, Jr. Anni is a successful businessperson, starting and running
three businesses in Hammonton under the Truckmasters label: a Collision Center, an
Automotive Mechanical Shop, and a Rental Agency.

When not running her businesses, Anni is an avid hunter, has taught Sunday School at St.
Anthony?s for 5 years, and is a dedicated wife and mother. Recently launching
Truckmasters Collision Center, her business was recognized by NJ Automotive as the
first ?truly green? collision center in the State of New Jersey. No small feat,
Truckmasters Collision Center has set the standard for gren technology of the future.
Anni is also a sponsor of Hammonton?s Little League Program.

?The Republican Council Team of Maria, Linda, and I, along with Anthony Marino
as Mayor, will be able to make smarter decisions to bring new jobs and businesses
to Hammonton. As a businessperson, I have the experience of creating jobs and
being competitive in a tough economic market. We must reverse the trend of job
loss and economic contraction of the last four years,? said Anni of the challenges that
face Hammonton.

Linda Goff, mother of Jamie L. Inferrera and wife of Edward Hoffmann, has been a
resident of Hammonton for 24 years. An active member of the Hammonton Lions Club,
Linda has served as Past President and Secretary of the organization. A Certified Trial
Attorney and Court-Approved Economic/Family Law Mediator, Linda is a member of the
Atlantic, Camden, and Cumberland County Bar Associations. South Jersey Magazine
recognized Linda as one of South Jersey?s Top Attorneys.

Linda brings that legal background to the Republican Team. As an attorney certified by
the New Jersey Superior Court, Linda?s economic focus will bring much-needed
expertise to Hammonton?s government. As a member and Past President of the
Hammonton Lions Club, Linda also knows the issues and lives the culture of

?Hammonton truly is a wonderful Town. The Republican Team will do everything
in its power to keep our traditions alive, grow our Town in a way that respects the
past and looks to the future, and delegate every issue on how it affects each one of
the many residents of Hammonton. Our job is to protect our residents first and
foremost,? said Linda.

Throughout the coming months, Anthony, Maria, Annie, and Linda will be working hard
for Hammonton?s vote. They?ll be going door to door, reaching out to every resident of
Hammonton. You can learn more about them, get involved, or give your concerns to
them by visiting

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