Seth Grossman

Seth Grossman

Seth Grossman graduated Atlantic City High School in 1967, Duke University in 1971, and Temple Law School in 1975. Grossman has been a well-known and respected attorney in Atlantic and Cape May Counties since.

Seth Grossman helped create the Chelsea Neighborhood in Atlantic City in 1975. In 1986, he won a city-wide election and served as an independent on City Council for the next four years. In 1988. Grossman upset an incumbent by winning the Republican primary election by a single vote. Grossman then easily won election to become an Atlantic County freeholder.

In 2003, Seth Grossman founded, an organization with more than 100 members and 6,500 Facebook followers. In 2007, Grossman joined with then Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan to defeat a $450 million bond issue proposed by Democratic Governor Jon Corzine. In 2008. Grossman and Lonegan worked together to defeat Corzine’s plan to “monetize” New Jersey’s three major toll roads.

Between 2006 and today, Seth Grossman, while still maintaining his law practice hosted several popular talk radio programs, taught at Atlantic Cape Community College, and published opinion columns in all of South Jersey’s major newspapers.

Since 2016, Seth Grossman has represented Liberty and Prosperity in its lawsuit to force Atlantic City to adopt a balanced budget. That same lawsuit also seeks to declare that the ten-year tax break for Atlantic City casinos violates the New Jersey Constitution which requires those properties to be assessed and taxed equally.

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