The three Republican candidates for the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders said today they intend to promote ?a go green agenda? for the county, focusing on energy conservation and environmental quality.

District 3 Freeholder Frank Sutton, a candidate for re-election, was joined by at large candidates Tom Ballistreri and Manny Aponte, in a pledge to build upon the record already established by the Freeholder Board in implementing a broad program of energy conservation and protecting natural resources.

?There is no more urgent quality of life issue than ensuring a clean environment through the enactment of well crafted, forward looking policies,? the three candidates said. ?Achieving the goals set forth in our go green agenda will not only result in our citizens enjoying an enhanced and healthier atmosphere, but will lead to significant long term savings to our taxpayers as well.?

They proposed the following initiatives:

* Expand the use of bio fuels beyond the bus fleet which currently uses it to as many vehicles in the Department of Public Works fleet as practical.

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