Folsom Borough Mayor Tom Ballistreri today commended the State Council on Local Mandates for ?its common sense ruling that communities patrolled by the State Police are not liable for the cost of those patrols.?

?I have been an outspoken critic of the Corzine Administration?s attempt to force communities to stand the cost of the patrols and have argued that it was an unconstitutional act,? Ballistreri said. ?I feel vindicated by the Council?s decision today.?

?The Governor?s scheme was a transparent effort to squeeze more money from small communities to help balance his Administration?s budget, rather than look for cuts and economies,? Ballistreri said. ?It was an ill-conceived and punishing idea and I?m pleased the Council saw it for what it was — an unfunded state mandate prohibited by the Constitution.?

Ballistreri also credited a grass roots effort in the region, particularly in the community of Estelle Manor, to fight the Governor?s proposal.

?Hopefully, the ruling today will also put an end to the suggestion by Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew and others to impose a surcharge on motor vehicle fines to pay for the police activity,? Ballistreri said. ?His idea made a bad idea even worse.?



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