Spellman Pushes for Taxpayer Funded Perks for Part-Time Employees

Vince Polistina and John Amodeo, Republican candidates for Assembly from Atlantic County, said today that their opponents? support for pension rights and health benefits for part-time government employees ?is typical of the taxpayer-be-damned attitude of those who see government service as serving themselves first.?

They said the support expressed by Democrat candidate Blondell Spellman ?is an unmistakable sign that she?s running for office because she wants to take advantage of the taxpayer-funded perks that go with it.?

?We are adamantly opposed to providing full pension rights and top flight health care coverage to part-time employees of government at any level,? Polistina said. ?We defy Spellman to identify a private sector enterprise which offers such benefits to their part-time workers.?

?Spellman?s support for requiring the taxpayers to fund pension and health benefits perks for part-time employees is a slap in the face to all those working men and women struggling to cover the ever-rising cost of health insurance for their families,? Amodeo said. ?She is, in effect, telling them that they can continue to struggle while she should receive favored treatment at their expense. It?s an arrogant attitude which demonstrates just how out of touch she is.?

?Rather than concentrating her efforts on what benefits her, Spellman should offer her platform for reducing property taxes and making this state more affordable,? the Republicans said. ?With recent polls and studies showing that more and more people are leaving New Jersey because they can no longer afford the taxes and cost of living here, Spellman?s desire to have taxpayers pick up the cost of her pension and medical coverage is appalling.?

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