When I was United States Attorney, I recognized there was a lot I needed to learn to solve the tough challenges facing our state. I listened to those around me, instituted common-sense plans and refused to back down until the job was done.

Since we started this campaign, I have been traveling throughout our state, meeting with small business owners at their businesses and overtaxed New Jerseyans in their homes to listen to their concerns during these difficult economic times.

The message is clear – the people of New Jersey are ready to take back our state and stop Corzine!

Thousands of New Jerseyans from every corner of the state have signed on to join the fight to take back our state because the stakes are too high!

We have a Governor that is out-of-touch and continues to raise our taxes and put forward bloated budgets – the future of our state is at risk.

We need a leader who will tackle growing unemployment, out of control taxes and a ballooning budget that increases our taxes without funding priority programs.

I have a record of standing up to tough challenges and won’t back down. I will cut state income taxes, reduce small business taxes and utilize the line-item veto to get New Jersey working again.

But I need your help. Together, we can take back New Jersey!

Click here to join our fight to take back our state!

– Chris Christie

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