April 14, 2018

Singh Promotes Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity
at NJGOP Summit

Linwood, NJ — South Jersey engineer Hirsh Singh today addressed the 2018 Statewide Leadership Summit of the NJGOP emphasizing that the GOP is the party of Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity for all.

“Our Party was founded through the abolition of slavery, we defended the Little Rock Nine, and we fought for passage of the Civil Rights Act,” Singh declared. “Our core mission has always been to ensure every American has the opportunity to achieve prosperity and that must be our message going forward if we are to grow the Republican Party.”

Singh’s remarks to the Annual Leadership Summit came in Atlantic City which he said would be an important focus of his campaign for Congress.

“As a first generation Indian-American blessed to have parents who chose to live in America and gave me the gift of growing up in Atlantic County, I know firsthand how anyone can achieve the American Dream if they are given the right environment to thrive and if they work hard,’ Singh said.

“Atlantic City is on the verge of a renewed period of growth that will provide new and exciting opportunities for Americans of every background. Its up to us — to everyone here — to take the message of growth, opportunity, and prosperity to every community and every constituency in order to ensure the success of the Republican Party in 2018 and beyond.”

Singh has been endorsed by the Burlington County Republican Committee, the Ocean County Republican Organization, the Camden County Republican Committee, the Atlantic County Republican Committee, Atlantic County State Senator Chris Brown, New Jersey Young Republican Federation Chairman Giancarlo Ghione, State Assemblyman and Little Egg Harbor resident Brian E. Rumpf of the 9th Legislative District, and State Assemblywoman and Long Beach Island resident DiAnne Gove of the 9th Legislative District.

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