Sheriff?s Office Hires Five Military Veterans

On January 10, 2012, Sheriff Frank X. Balles gave the Oath of Office to five new officers who are starting the Atlantic County Police Academy this week. Dustin Widas, Erica Aybar-Morillo, Nicholas Ferguson, Michael Figueroa, and Michael Ledden are all veterans who have served this country and will now serve Atlantic County. These recent hires replace officers who have left the Sheriff?s Office due to retirement.

?It is a privilege and an honor to hire those who have served and now will continue to serve locally,? Balles said. ?Atlantic County doesn’t just show up for the ceremonies, our Freeholder Board and County Executive support and applaud the hiring of these young men and women who have made the choice to serve. We believe that their commitment and experience will be an asset to this county.?

After completing 22 weeks of training as well as field training, these officers will be a much-needed addition to the Atlantic County Sheriff?s Office. ?We continue to do more with less, but you still need to staff the day to day operations of the courtrooms as well as perform the core functions of the Sheriff?s Office,? Balles stated. “These officers will allow us the opportunity to get closer to that goal.”


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