Senator Kyrillos’ Primary Election Victory Remarks

“We have an opportunity. An opportunity for greatness.”

The field is now set. And the election for America?s future starts now. I am ready to make the case to the great people of this great state. We have an opportunity. An opportunity for greatness. We must seize it. Washington is broken. It doesn?t match the greatness of the people. I am running for the United States Senate and I want to bring to Washington energy, integrity, honesty, leadership, and hard work. Some would use much harsher words, but even Democrats think that Bob Menendez is mediocre. Bob Menendez is a mediocre Senator. We deserve much better.

Our nation’s economy is struggling. It’s gotten worse since Senator Menendez went to Washington. Our unemployment rate, our soaring national debt, our out-of-control spending — these are all getting worse because of policies that Senator Menendez supports.

It is time for New Jersey to expect — to demand — more from our leaders. That’s what we’ve been getting here at home. We are leading this state back from the brink ?our strong governor -Governor Chis Christie ?is leading the way. Rebranding New Jersey–lowering our taxes, reforming our pension system, welcoming job creators back to our state. Our whole state is moving forward.

Obviously, there’s more to be done — and a stronger national economy would help address many of the state’s challenges. But things are getting better. People are noticing. There’s something happening in New Jersey.

It’s time to send someone to Washington who will bring the same energy and the ideas we need to move our country forward.

There are some who would like to see things go back to the way they’ve been. Higher taxes, constant borrowing, job-killing regulations. We’ve seen what that does to our state. We are still working. But can you imagine what it would be like here today without the Christie team and the reforms we’ve put in place? Jon Corzine nearly bankrupted New Jersey. When Jon Corzine took down MF Global, we saw a stark version of a discredited worldview. We saw not just a failed business, but a failed philosophy — MF Global gambled, and when the gamble failed, Jon Corzine tried to cover those losses with other people’s money.

That’s a problem. Bob Menendez is part of the problem.

His viewpoint — that the solution to every problem is more and bigger government — is just not sustainable. It’s not forward thinking. And it’s killing our country. Sapping our initiative, turning us into a slow, fading nation.

That’s not who we are. That’s not New Jersey. That’s not America. We are better.

This election presents a clear choice.

In Washington, we can stay the course or we can change the course.

Bob Menendez represents the politics of the past. As we know, he was given his seat by none other than Jon Corzine.

When evaluating whether Bob Menendez deserves another term, ask yourself a simple question: What has Bob Menendez done to EARN your vote? Can you think of a single initiative, a single idea, a single meaningful piece of legislation that Bob Menendez has offered to bring America back? Has he made your life better? Has he EARNED your confidence, your trust, your vote? No. Bob Menendez has failed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I?m running for the United States Senate. I?m running because I love our state and our country. I want to ensure that the last century ? the American Century – is not an historical accident.

We must ensure for the people of America opportunities for greatness. Opportunities to work hard, to study hard. Opportunities to create jobs, build success. Opportunities for people to take care of their families. Opportunities to give and volunteer, in small ways and big ways, in our communities to help fellow citizens. We must keep America strong. We must keep it unique.

America is a model. Other nations look to us for leadership and they look at us with wonder.

I have faith in our people. And I thank all of you for rallying to our side and to America’s side. I know I can help make things better for all of us. God bless you. God bless New Jersey. God bless America.


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