On the day of Governor Chris Christie’s Summit on the future of Atlantic City, Atlantic County Freeholders John Risley and Alex Marino and Freeholder candidate John Carman today called on their freeholder opponents break their two month silence on the prospect of North Jersey Casinos and answer whether they stand with Senator Jim Whelan to allow for a referendum on North Jersey casinos.


“Two months ago, we asked our Democrat opponents to state their position on a North Jersey casino referendum,” said Freeholder Risley. “Since that time, they have said nothing. In the meantime, the ongoing discussions have had the effect of stifling new investment into Atlantic City.”


“Everyone knows that more gaming competition right now is counterproductive given the saturation of casinos in the mid-Atlantic states,” said Freeholder Alex Marino. “Regardless of party, we all need to stand together as a region against this devastating idea.”


“It’s time for our opponents to come out of hiding and take a position on this critical issue facing our region,” said Freeholder Candidate Carman. “Do they support the position taken by Senator Whelan calling a North Jersey gaming referendum inevitable, or do they stand with the working families of Atlantic County.”


Last Friday, the Atlantic County Republican Party released “STOP North Jersey Casinos! Nothing is Inevitable” bumper stickers to draw more attention to this important issue. Stickers can be obtained by visiting the Atlantic County Republican Facebook Page.



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