RISLEY, MARINO & CARMAN: Atlantic Dems Have Sold Out Our Region

Atlantic County Freeholders John Risley and Alex Marino and Freeholder candidate John Carman today called on their freeholder opponents to stand with them in solidarity against calls from Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senator Jim Whelan to permit North Jersey casinos.


“Just four years ago, Senate President Steve Sweeney stood before our Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce and in response to a question about allowing casinos in North Jersey, he simply responded ‘it ain’t happening’ because he would never – never – post the bill,” said Risley.  “Well what happened since that time and why have Democrats locally given up so quickly to fight additional casinos in New Jersey that would kill jobs in our region?”


“Allowing casinos outside of Atlantic City would only serve to damage the resort further,” said Marino.  “I agree with my Democratic colleague on the Freeholder Board, Ernest Coursey.  This decision is not ‘inevitable’ as some have called it.  We need to put politics aside and stand in solidarity against any efforts to erode the casino industry in Atlantic City.”


“Right now we need our local leaders to stand up for us and the working middle class of Atlantic County, not play politics,” said John Carman.  “Newspapers have reported that this decision to allow casinos outside of Atlantic City was made in private conversations without public scrutiny or input.  That’s just wrong and we in the Republican Party in Atlantic County are not giving up without a fight.  Too many jobs would be lost here based upon this dumb move.  Republicans will fight this backroom deal to the bitter end.”


Freeholders Risley and Marino pledged to introduce a resolution at the Freeholder Board to support the legislative package offered by Assemblyman Chris Brown at a recent press conference in front of the Showboat Casino.


“With leadership from Assemblyman Brown and support from Democrats like Senator Jeff Van Drew and Freeholder Coursey, we believe this move to allow gaming outside of Atlantic City can be stopped.  Let’s get it done,” the candidates said.



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