Ride Along with Rich Dase

Rich Dase, Republican candidate for the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders in District 4, will embark on a three-day bike tour of the entire district from Friday, Oct. 19 to Sunday, Oct. 21, to meet and talk with citizens and taxpayers in the communities along the way.

Dase will launch his tour in Brigantine on Friday and bring it to a close on Sunday in Galloway Township.

?I intend to stop at points of interest, attend community events, visit dining spots and commercial development projects,? Dase said. ?I want to meet and talk first hand with the people in the communities in District 4 to hear their concerns and their ideas and to share my views with them about making county government work in their behalf.?

?Atlantic County already has the lowest county tax rate in history and is among the leading counties in the state in terms of fiscal responsibility and strength,? Dase said. ?I want to spread that message and to listen to anyone with suggestions for county government to consider.?

As a part of his bike tour, Dase will take part in a beach clean-up project in Brigantine; present a new bicycle and helmet to the Toys for Tots organization in Galloway; visit the Chestnut Neck Battle Monument in Port Republic, and greet shoppers at supermarkets in Absecon.

?There is nothing quite like personal level campaigning and conversations,? Dase said. ?Talking directly to the people I hope to represent on the Freeholder Board is something I believe in deeply and I look forward to the tour with great anticipation.?

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