Atlantic County Freeholder Chairman Jim Curcio, Freeholder Frank Giordano and district two Freeholder candidate Frank Formica, today criticized Governor Jon Corzine for diverting $30 million intended for renewable and ?green? energy programs to pay the state?s utility bills and called into question the way he has run the state?s finances into the ground to such a point that the State of New Jersey cannot pay its electric bills.

?This should be yet another wake up call to voters in Atlantic County about the failed leadership of the Corzine Democrats in Trenton,? said Formica. ?On their watch the budget situation has become so desperate, that New Jersey cannot afford to keep its lights on and must deplete the Clean Energy Fund to be able to pay the utility bills. I find this unconscionable.?

?It is evident that of the major economic development projects currently under way in Atlantic County all of them have key environmental components,? said Giordano, who chairs the Economic Development Committee. ?Projects at the Richard Stockton College, Shore Memorial Hospital, the Atlantic County Institute of Technology and the Aviation Research and Technical Center all have in place environmental purchasing policies, green building implementation, transportation energy use reduction and renewable energy use and generation. New Jersey could learn a lot from Atlantic County.?

?These projects are being done in accordance with Atlantic County Government policy,? said Curcio. ?Atlantic County has earned state distinction as being the ?greenest? county in New Jersey and was the recipient of the 2005 National Association of Counties Sustainable Communities Award for our environmental stewardship and proactive efforts to promote environmental protection and corporate responsibility. If money is being diverted from the Clean Energy Fund to pay the electric bill in Trenton, then the Governor is not only undermining our economic development efforts here in Atlantic County, but he is further demonstrating how badly he has run our state.?


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