Female leaders in the Atlantic County Republican Committee today denounced a comment made by Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Pat D?Arcy moments after their county convention that the reason why women should support his party?s two announced assembly candidates is because
?they?re good-looking men.?

?We should be well past the days when women’s participation in the election process is trivialized and demeaned,? said Atlantic County Republican Committee Vice-Chairwoman Maureen Bugdon. ?Instead of worrying about beauty pageants, our party will be working to get Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina reelected. I am confident these two dedicated representatives will continue to advocate economic policies that will benefit working women throughout New Jersey.?

?To suggest that female voters would choose candidates for the General Assembly based upon their looks is very insensitive and just plain out of line,? said Michele Verno, a local attorney and Northfield municipal leader. ?What?s worse is that the Democrats clearly passed over a woman with a long history in Atlantic County politics — Freeholder Alisa Cooper — before choosing their candidates last evening.”

?While the Democrats? candidates for the assembly may not offer women voters much more than their alleged good looks, fortunately the candidates we are going to nominate next week — Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina — have stood up to the Corzine tax-and-spend agenda which has hurt women in the workplace,? said Sue Schilling, a Brigantine Councilwoman and former freeholder. ?The economic policies of this Corzine administration are indefensible and the tax burden on women has increased over the past 7 years — that?s less money in working women?s pockets and this is particularly troublesome for single-parent households which can?t rely on two incomes. This administration has been a disaster for women.?

These women were joined today by Mullica Mayor Janet Forman, Absecon Council President Lynn Caterson, Linwood Council President Donna Taylor, Absecon Councilwoman Bobbie Gorman, Hamilton Township Committeewoman Amy Gatto, Linwood Councilwomen Stacy DeDomenicis, Mullica Committeewoman Kathy Chasey, Port Republic Councilwoman Doris Bugdon who all offered the following statement:

?We call on Democratic Assembly candidates Jimmy Martinez and Reginald Floyd to immediately renounce the statement of their party chairman that women in Atlantic County should vote for them because of their good looks. That comment is demeaning to women and doesn?t advance the progress of gender equity in the workplace or the ballot booth. We ask Martinez and Floyd to immediately tell the women voters of Atlantic County whether they will continue to advance the same Corzine tax-and-spend policies which have hurt working women throughout New Jersey.?


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