April 5, 2007

Last night, in an energized, yet civil convention, the rank and file members of the Atlantic County Republican Party openly elected its ticket of state and county candidates.

In a process that many had not experienced in years, Atlantic County Republicans openly elected John Amodeo from Margate and Vince Polistina from Egg Harbor Township to run for the two open Second District General Assembly seats.

?This is a winning ticket,? said Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman. ?When you place your trust in the grassroots members of the party, they will select the best ticket. I am proud of the way our party conducted itself throughout the process. Every local Republican club gave every candidate the time to make their case before the convention. Every delegate listened closely to each candidate during the convention. The end result is regular Republican Party members, not a boss, made the decision.

?John Amodeo and Vince Polistina, along with Senator Sonny McCullough, are a formidable team,? said Davis. ?Each brings key constituencies to the ticket. Each brings a unique talent to the ticket. All three bring a unified message ? we have to change the way Trenton does business.?

Convention delegates also elected three newcomers as freeholder candidates: Joe McDevitt for the at-large seat, John Bettis for the District 1 seat, and Rich Dase for the District 4 seat.

?These three gentlemen are electric,? said Davis. ?As many people mentioned last night, it is a new era for our party. Joe, John, and Rich are the new faces for the new era. They will not be out worked in this campaign.?

These three freeholder candidates will run side by side with Dennis Levinson who was elected by the convention delegates to run for County Executive.

?No elected official has a better record of proven results than Dennis Levinson as County Executive,? said Davis. ?Fiscal responsibility, ethical responsibility, and environmental responsibility, that?s the Levinson record.

?From the bottom to the top, the grassroots members of the Republican party created a ticket that is strong from top to bottom,? said Davis. ?All of the candidates are ready to move forward and talk about their message to the voters of this county. And, as we saw last night, the members of our party are ready to get these candidates elected in November.?


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