Atlantic County Republican Freeholders John Risley and Alex Marino and Freeholder Candidate John Carman for the third time called on their Democratic opponents today to stand up for our region by pledging to fight North Jersey casinos.


“Throughout the course of this campaign, we have been talking about our plan to protect the jobs we have and working hard to create new ones,” Freeholder John Risley said.  “Preventing North Jersey casinos is central to our county’s future.  But our opponents have refused to state their position publicly even though we have asked them to do so twice before.”


“All of the studies point to the same conclusion: North Jersey casinos would destroy the Atlantic City gaming market and lead to even greater job losses,” said Freeholder Marino.  “And the continued rhetoric we hear about their inevitability creates instability in the market.  It must stop.”

“Our opponents have an obligation to tell the voters where they stand on this important issue before election day,” said Freeholder candidate John Carman.  “Do they stand with Senator Jim Whelan and Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo who say North Jersey casinos are inevitable and those trying to oppose them are giving false hope?  Or do they stand with us?”


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