Today Freeholders Jim Curcio and Frank Giordano questioned comments made by the elected Democratic leadership on the Freeholder Board indicating that
Camden County was a good example for Atlantic County government. While opposing the 2009 budget, the Democrat leadership of the Freeholder Board suggested that Atlantic County should be looking to Camden County for ideas to reduce taxes.

“It is simply preposterous to say that Camden County has a tighter or better budget process than Atlantic County considering their tax rate is more than
double our tax rate and they are carrying $880 million in debt,” said Freeholder Board Chairman Jim Curcio “And just last week, we heard the news that Camden County has the highest property taxes in the entire state and 11th in the nation.”

“I’m not sure how this is a good example for Atlantic County,” said Frank Giordano. “Camden County has the highest taxes in the state while, in contrast, we have one of the lowest property tax rates in the State of New Jersey and the County Freeholder Board has cut taxes eight of the last nine years.”

“Atlantic County property taxes under the leadership of Dennis Levinson have become the 4th lowest in the state of New Jersey,” said Frank Formica, Republican candidate for Freeholder. “As a businessman, looking at these results, it suggests the elected democratic leadership of New Jersey should be utilizing Atlantic County as one of the benchmarks to lower taxes for the
citizens of New Jersey.”


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