Republican Chairs Announce Support of Menendez Recall

Two Republican county chairs from the northern and southern parts of New Jersey today announced their support of the recall of Robert Menendez as United States Senator.

Ailish Hambel, Chairwoman of Sussex County Republicans, and Keith Davis, Chairman of Atlantic County Republicans, indicated today that they will work with RecallNJ to help gather 1.3 million signatures to recall Senator Menendez and would urge their fellow chairs to follow suit.

?Senator Menendez has been an embarrassment to the State of New Jersey,? said Chairwoman Hambel. ?He has been a rubber stamp for the Obama big-government agenda in Washington, ramming the trillion dollar health care boondoggle down our throats. It?s time for him to go.?

?Our elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions and when it comes to standing up for the residents of our state, Senator Menendez is no where to be found,? said Chairman Davis. ?Menendez is more concerned with expanding the statist majority in Congress as Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee than he is with protecting the taxpayers of the state he represents. I guess he?ll have to learn that the hard way.?

Hambel and Davis complimented the hard work of those who fought the legal challenges posed by Menendez to prevent voters from having the opportunity to recall him in this November?s general election.

?We?re coming into this movement on a solid foundation built by the the Sussex County Tea Party and NJ Tea Party United,? said the Chairs. ?They deserve the credit for getting this recall movement to this point and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the days ahead.?

More information on the Recall Menendez movement can be found at


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