The Republican candidates for the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders and Sheriff today unveiled their website — — where voters can learn their positions on important issues facing the county as well as what steps they will take to address them.

?The Republican Party has consistently been in the forefront of utilizing technology to bring its message of effective and economical government to the people of Atlantic County,? said District 3 Freeholder Frank Sutton, at large freeholder candidates Manny Aponte and Tom Ballistreri, and Sheriff candidate Frank Balles.

?Visitors to the site can read our extensive backgrounds, experience and qualifications for office,? they said.

?We will bring this same understanding and use of technology and apply it to government operations when we assume office,? the three said.

?One example,? Balles said, ?will be a stepped-up program of tracking outstanding warrants, serving them, and taking the lawbreakers off the streets. The number of unserved warrants has increased by some 30 per cent to 6,600 under the incumbent Sheriff and that?s putting the public at risk unnecessarily.?

?Government no longer occupies a world of paper and more paper,? said Aponte, Ballistreri and Sutton. ?If we are to continue to serve the people of the county effectively, it is vital that we take advantage of the rapid advances in technology.?


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