Polistina Slams Whelan, Dems for Dishonest Budgeting

Slamming Senator Jim Whelan and Trenton Democrats as habitual spenders who are promoting a dishonest budget, Assemblyman Vince Polistina today said that new spending should be a non-starter, and he?s surprised Democrats would support more spending while there is more than $120 billion in unfunded pension and health liabilities owed to public employees still on the books.

?When most families and businesses receive unexpected income, they do the sensible thing and pay down their debts ? and that?s what the state should do if there is any unexpected revenue coming in,? said Polistina. ?With $120 billion in debt for public employee pension and healthcare liabilities, it?s mind-boggling how Jim Whelan and the Democrats would propose spending the money elsewhere.?

Polistina credited Governor Christie for ending decades of reckless spending and fantasy budgeting, and stated that new spending before debt reduction doesn?t make sense.

“We just passed a major reform bill that will force public employees to pay more for benefits,? added Polistina. ?Moving forward, we should start properly funding a pension and healthcare system that has been neglected for far too long. The fact that Jim Whelan and the Democrats would push for more spending, while ignoring the debt shows their budget plan is nothing more than a farce intended to create political wedge issues, not solve problems.?

Polistina said Whelan?s disregard for taxpayers stretches all the way to his days as an Atlantic City Councilman and Mayor, citing a 1996 state audit that blasted wasteful spending and mismanagement on Whelan?s watch.

?The budget put forward by Jim Whelan and his allies in Trenton is little more than a vote-buying scheme with money we don?t have to spend,? said Polistina. ?They could care less that the revenue estimates are unrealistic and that the money they are promising to spend is money we don?t have. It?s a dishonest budget through-and-through and they know it. But that doesn?t stop them from pushing it anyway. No wonder people can?t stand politicians and don?t trust government.?


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