Polistina Pushes Whelan on 3-Month Old Debate Challenge

In early May, Assemblyman Vince Polistina issued his first challenge to Senator Jim Whelan, which entailed a series of 17 debates, one in each town in the 2nd District. Whelan’s response?

“I’ve never ducked debating in any of the campaigns I’ve run.”- Senator Jim Whelan, Press of Atlantic City, 5/4/11

In an attempt to avoid discussing his record as a tax and spender and a pension padding career politician, Whelan has spent the last 3 months in radio silence when it comes to discussing the issues in a public forum. Given the recent revelations about Jim Whelan’s special treatment (his letter asking for pension credit he didn’t earn, his bogus job in Ventnor, or or his exorbitant pay raises for years he didn’t work) it seems that debates are needed now more than ever, as Senator Whelan owes an explanation to the public rather than hiding behind surrogates and ducking the issues as he has been. Read more about the debate challenge here.

Paid for by Polistina for Senate, M. Aponte Treasurer

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