NORTHFIELD ? Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina continued their efforts on behalf of taxpayers by introducing a bill yesterday to stop the practice of legislators from getting paid for their public day job when they leave it to go to Trenton.

?Only in government can a person not show up for his job and still get a pay check,? Polistina said. ?The current law puts certain legislators in a protected class rather than expecting them to act as true public servants. There are families out there who don?t know when they will see their next pay check, while some politician is getting taxpayers? money for doing nothing. It?s time for government to get in tune with the real world.

Under existing law, a legislator who is a teacher by profession, for example may take time off to attend legislative sessions, hearings, and meetings without losing his pay as a teacher. Legislators receive an annual salary of $49,000.

?So a person gets paid twice for working once. That?s a slap in the face to the taxpayer,? Amodeo said. ?What makes this situation worse is the school district has to pay a substitute for the day while still paying the legislator/teacher for not showing up at work.?

The Polistina-Amodeo bill would restrict members of the Legislature to time off from employment with the a county, municipality, board of education or public institution of higher education only as approved leave of absence without pay for attending legislative functions.

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