Off-the-line challenger Joe McDevitt pushes pay to play law, then violates it, hiding thousands in union cash.

Atlantic County Freeholder Candidate Will Pauls today pledged that once elected he would seek to amend Atlantic County?s already tough pay to play ordinance to increase the penalties for county freeholders who violate it.

?I have recently learned that my opponent hid from the public over $8,000 that he received from one of the largest unions in the state and waited until 18 months after his last election to first report it,? said Pauls. ?We cannot have a freeholder who writes county laws out there violating them without tougher repercussions.

?The current penalty for violating the pay to play ordinance is $500,? Pauls said. ?I plan on increasing that to $5000 per offense. We can?t have a freeholder like my opponent in the primary out there hiding big checks from his union friends, while at the same time saying he?s against the influence of unions in politics.

?My opponent is trying to have it both ways and he?s violating the law at the same time,? Pauls claimed. ?We need open, honest and transparent government in Atlantic County. But when one freeholder breaks the rules it tarnishes the clean image established by our County Executive Dennis Levinson, Freeholder Board Chairman Frank Formica and the rest of the members of the Board.

?I intend to keep Atlantic County as one of the best run in the state of New Jersey by increasing the penalties on politicians like my opponent who violate our pay to play rules and hide their campaign cash from big unions.?


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