Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman, invited Jim Whelan and Ron Ruff to join him at press conference calling for Callaway-associate Sandy ?Bernice? Couch to resign from the Board of Elections.

?Jim Whelan claims that he has worked hard to distance the Democrat Party from Craig Callaway,? said Davis. ?While the facts tell a different story, he now has an opportunity to prove it. He and Ron Ruff can stand next to me in front of the Old Court House in Mays Landing where thousands of Callaway absentee and messenger ballots have been handed in, and tell Ms. Couch that she must leave the Board of Elections.?

Davis last week called for Couch to resign from her seat on the Board of Elections because of her close ties to Craig Callaway. Couch wrote a letter to the federal judge asking leniency for Callaway and she accompanied Callaway to his sentencing.

?Here we have a close Callaway associate in charge of counting absentee ballots. Where is Whelan?s outrage?? said Davis. ?He can prove the Democrat Party is not bound to Craig Callaway by getting her off the Board.?

Davis also pointed out that Governor Jon Corzine recently re-appointed Couch to the Board of Elections with the approval of Atlantic County Democrat Chairman Ron Ruff and the Atlantic County Democrat State Committee people.

?It is time for the Atlantic County Democrat Party to clean up their act,? said Davis. ?Their leadership asked Governor Corzine to put her back in charge of counting absentee ballots. Any claims by Jim Whelan or Ron Ruff that they have no association with Craig Callaway and his gang are completely false.?


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