‘No Show’ Sheriff Shows Contempt for Duties and Youth

June 19, 2007

If anyone has any doubts about Sheriff McGettigan?s commitment to both his duties and public service, one need only look at his attendance record on two extremely important county committees, Republican Chairman Keith Davis announced today.

Davis stated that the Sheriff failed to attend a single monthly meeting of the Youth Services Advisory Commission in nearly five years; nor did he bother to send a representative. The Sheriff is mandated to be a member of the Commission by Federal Statute. In addition, he has not attended a meeting of the Atlantic County Criminal Justice Advisory Committee in nearly two years, although he requested to be reappointed to that Committee stating in a letter that the Board “accomplished many important tasks” and that he found being a member a “rewarding experience.”

“The Atlantic County Youth Services Commission has the important, mandated task of implementing programs to reduce juvenile delinquency, addressing the needs of troubled youth and reducing the number of youth in incarceration. Members of Committee include Superior Court judges, the County Administrator, and other unpaid volunteers. If these busy professionals can attend the required monthly meetings, why can?t Sheriff McGettigan?” Davis said. “If McGettigan shirks his mandated responsibilities as Sheriff, how can anyone think that he would he would take the much broader and demanding duties of being County Executive more seriously?

“The fact that McGettigan was a no show when it comes to matters of youth and criminal justice, shows his disregard for true public service and that for him it?s all about receiving a pay check.,” Davis said. “McGettigan already publicly stated that he was running for County Executive for his own ?selfish? reasons. I am sure that he must have had his own ?selfish? reasons for not doing his duty and attending required meetings for more than five years.?


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